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here is some classical girlfriend revenge all in one amateur porn video!

Let’s go on a picnic, and let’s talk about it, let’s see if we can actually get back together, let’s see if we can make this work, that’s what he told his ex-girlfriend tricking her to go to the park in an isolated area and have sex with him, little did she know is that he would have filmed every single moment making that sex act and amateur porn video, but most of all getting his revenge on her because they left one another a few months before because she cheated on him.

Some revenge porn from this past Christmas

Ashley Williams, from Stamford Connecticut was at home during the Christmas holidays while her boyfriend also went back to his hometown in Seattle Washington state, there was a 3000 mile distance between the two, however on Christmas eve she decided to give this performance to her boyfriend, she wanted to make him happy and give him a gift that he will never forget. He the filthy bastard, actually recorded it on his laptop and It stored in till three days ago when he gave it to us for free, all he wanted us to do was to broadcast it and to show it to as many people as possible. Why is that? Well four days ago he discovered that his girlfriend was banging her ex-boyfriend there in town in Stamford and every single time that she went back home she would fuck him thinking that her boyfriend in college would never find out. As you can see that is not the case!

Amateurs just having some homemade porn fun!

This amateur porn video was filmed spring break of 2014 but it only leaked four days ago when it ended up in our hands. She is Britney is 20 years old and he is Adam also 20 years of age. Until two weeks ago these two were a happy couple, then he discovered that she was cheating on him and had been for a few weeks with some dude at her workplace. Well the best way to get back at her was that to collect everything that they had made together, and I’m talking about photography and film work, and handed over to the specialists in girlfriend revenge amateur porn, and homemade sex videos, and that would be us here at So on request of a cheaters victim here you are with Britney and Adam having some sex in their spring break hotel room last April in Miami Florida.

College whore thinks its fun to make an amateur porno

How fucking stupid can you get? I keep saying it but these silly bitches keep doing it. Whatever, in any case we win and they lose. So guys that are looking for revenge on their cheating girlfriends, keep these videos coming in and we’ll keep posting them for you!

Another fun factor is when couples leave college and they think it’s fun to leave that college dorms full of trash and among that trash they leave that old schoolbooks, oldest of the papers that they no longer need, a lot of photographs, CDs and in some cases videos either on DVD or on tape of their sex moments, that they casually forget because they have their head stuck up their ass and they have absolutely no idea that if somebody finds that tape, that somebody checks out to see what’s on that tape, that somebody might come to us and sell us that tape of you and your ex boyfriend in your college dorm having sex ;)


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