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College dude getting some revenge on his very hot cheating girlfriend

This video was made before the summer, but Martin got hold of it only yesterday afternoon. It’s of his girlfriend that he has been dating for two years now. She went out that evening with her friends and he was home alone bored so he went through all their videos that they have made in these past 24 months being together, when he came across some video tape that looked like it was hidden behind the rest, it had no sticker on it that indicated what it was about and when it was taken, so he put it in the VCR and played it, the poor fucker got the shock of his life. As you will see it’s of his “what he thought” his better half sucking some dudes cock and balls and then taking that same cock up both her holes (back and front). he didn’t confront her on it. He simply gave us the video and asked us to post it here on Porn College and as soon as it was up he would tell her to visit our blog and see whats there. Well by now she must have seen it and also by now I’m sure that they broke up.

Cock riding girlfriend now exposed

If your a cock riding fan then Emily is the girl for you, she will ride your cock till you cum and when its hard again she will ride it once more, if you can last three hours, she will to. How do I know? She’s my ex girlfriend and this is one of the many sex tapes that she forgot to take with her when she left me. Yeah but why would I do such a thing by exposing her on the internet, well thats pretty simple, she cheated on me once and I forgave her, then a few months later she did it again and once again I forgave her, then she did it a third time and I kicked her out. She left and when she did she called me a loser. So is that enough to get my evil on this chick? Can I still be a little pissed off at her and maybe I could be seeking some fucking revenge? So if the video is on the internet I have all the rights to fucking put it there right? Like said this is one of the many homemade porn videos that we made together, so she better be prepared to see a lot more of herself in slut-mode and by doing so I really hope that all her friends and family will sooner or later get to see this video and the other ones and look down at this cheating bitch once and forever.

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These college chicks don’t look that innocent now do they!

Indeed they don’t, this is what happens when you decide to get drunk at a party where there are other sluts and a lot of cocks, one drink one cock and there ya go, your all into it and you’re so drunk that you have no idea that the dude holding up the smartphone is actually filming you taking cock. Like I always say, it’s a little to late for that now isn’t it babe?! However if it wasn’t for you drunk college party whores, we wouldn’t have anything to show on this blog, so your personal damage for us is like curry to an Indian :D I wan’t to thank all the babes in these pics and videos that have contacted us requesting that we take them down, but like I’ve stated before, there is nothing less than an act of the lord himself that will get us to remove your filth, you should have thought of thet before sucking that dudes cock with an audience!

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College sluts share some cock and could care less that they are being filmed

OK, well lets just starts saying that both the chicks were kicked out of their school a few days after that this video came lose and leaked its way around the internet. The school administration couldn’t just sit there and watch this happen so they said at the hearing that they had on campus center hall. It is said that a rival college spread the video on a few porn tubes and caused all the heat, however I find that very hard to believe, but who knows it could be. Anyhow, we have our own copy and the copy that we have is unseen, as in the other porn sites and tubes haven’t got their hands on the fool footage but we just did! The guy that actually filmed the video with the two college whores sold us the uncut footage! Here is some, thats right, some that has never been seen and if you want to see it all and I mean the whole 90 minutes of it then wait for the video to end and click on its frame, you’ll then get access to the whole thing.


Leaked Slut Pics of the Week

OK, this is the first time that we’ve done this on our blog, but from now on we will be posting every weekend a block of pics that filthy chicks made and would have never wanted us to post. How did we find them? On social networks, from ex boyfriends or lost cellphones and digital cameras, they lose we win, we post this shit that everyone loves and we could really care less what the babes in these images have to say, its a totally seen before “Finders Keepers, losers weepers” situation!

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I fucked my best friends GF at her college dorm

He asked me to, I’m not kidding he really asked me to fuck his GF. Why? To see if she would do it. He thought that she may be cheating on him as he’s heard a few rumors about her and a few guys that gangbanged the other week while he was back home out of state, however he never had any solid proof and she denied everything, so he let it pass. Then he found some condoms in her bag on the table and that rang another bell. So he asked me to hit on his GF and if I got to fuck her to please film it with my phone. He even paid me $500 to hit on her and if I fucked her he would have paid me another $500. Well I couldn’t turn that shit down and I went ahead and hit on her while he faked to be sick and stayed in his dorm that evening.

She was an easy catch, I met up with her at a bar not to far from the dorms where she was already drinking and talking to this dude, I jump in and take over the conversation and drink after drink I get to take her back to her place and we fuck. The video says it all and I got paid $1000 to bang this whore!

Meet Stephanie the cheating bitch busted sucking and fucking on video

Her boyfriend knew that something was up but he always tried to see everything on its bright side. He always thought that she could never cheat on him and that she was a good girl overall. Take in consideration that these two have been together since they started college four years ago and he was already thinking to pop the question as soon as they graduated. His friends told him time after time that she was a whore and that all campus is talking about her, but he turned around towards his deaf ear and never listened. Well he didn’t until one of his friends brought him a video tape of a dude banging her at his dorm room. The dude banging her wants to remain anon, so that he stays out of all the shit that is about to hit the fan. You can see clearly that she is sucking and fucking the cock that is not the cock of her boyfriend and that says it all. However the quality of the video is amazing and I’m actually pretty happy that they handed it over to my partner begging him to play it so that everyone can finally see what a filthy fucking bitch his ex girlfriend was and is and now he can get his revenge on her, showing the whole university what a fucking whore that she is.

College teens like to fuck on home video

OK, well you all know how it works right? You all that have been to college or that have been in college or that you have visited enough our website to know how shit works on campus when it comes to making amateur porn videos.

So as you know it goes where they think that its fun to fuck on video and watch it later on, then one of them or both forget about the video misplace it or throw it in the trash, just for someone else to find it and make good use of it, or another classic ending of a college porn video is like in the case of these two: They break up he has the video tape, she has no idea that he has it and “bang” a few weeks later there she is fucking all over the internet.

Thats how most of these “real” homemade college porno’s get out and thats how we get hold of the most of them. I say most because we check first that both the people in the video are over the age of 18 or we wont post it. Thats how we work and have been doing it since we opened.

Check out the video and tell us what you think, if we see that our visitors like it, the guy that sold it to us said that he has a lot more of them all with the same fine ass chick.


He has no mercy for his cheating GF

Why should he? He was cheated on and by the looks of it many times with different guys, so she should be exposed like he did right here right now with this leaked video. This is his GF Revenge, this is his way as getting back on her and showing the world what a bitch she is. However shes a great fuck I love the way that she sucks the cock and the balls. I wouldn’t mind banging this whore as well. Anyways he handed us over the video and asked us to post it and as you can see thats what we did.

College students fucking on the lake

So these dudes have some cash and want to spend it on fucking some cute chicks, thats really not a problem considering that its spring break and all the chicks are at the lake at this time of the year. The chicks are drunk and need cash to buy more beer so they will let you fuck them for some money and thats the case right here in this video, three college babes getting down and dirty for $400 each and an extra $200 each if they let a guy film all the amateur porn going down and they accepted that also so that today we have an amazing homemade college porn video for you all to jerk off to.

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